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20x5 Meter Full HD Grey 3D Holo Gauze Screen Holographic Mesh Screen
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20x5 Meter Full HD Grey 3D Holo Gauze Screen Holographic Mesh Screen

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20x5 Meter Full HD Grey 3D Holo Gauze Screen Holographic Mesh Screen

Almost the mesh screen is set as the front of stage, it is acted as the active scene in a new novel projection which is more transparent than the traditional sense of the curtain, the image can be suspended in the air to produce hazy magical hologram visual effects. It is the new material for creating holograms easier and cheaper than the traditional hologram for pepper ghost. And it is easy to install and disassemble; projection medium lightweight, foldable, reusable
.It is widely used for the holographic wedding, holographic music concert or new product launching.
1.Model number: Holo Gauze
2.Technology: Flexible Hologram Screen for creating pepper ghost hologram
3. Projection type: Front Projection AA, Rear Projection A+
4. Custom sizes available up to 10 meters high, length is no limited
5. Gain: 2.-2.4
6. Transmittance: 78%
7. Density: 10 holes per centimeter
8. Style: Eyelets for frame mounted, without eyelets for motorized
9. Material: White/Grey/Black Mesh, can be folded
Application areas:
Stage, Exhibition halls, Exhibitions, Museums, Event, Wedding, Performance, Multimedia theater and so on.
Large display screen, Lightweight materials, The picture is clear, Transparent images suspension. White and light-colored veil reflective effect is strong

Q. How large can the screens be?
A. The material is 8 metres wide seamless and up to 50 Metres long.
Q. Can the screens be stitched together to make any size?
A. Yes a fine seam allows us to create screens to any size.
Q. Is it Front or Rear Projection?
A. The screen is both for front and rear projection
Q. How is it hung, Does it require tensioning?
A. The screen is hung vertically and simply tied to a truss with cable ties (zip ties) or bungee straps. Only very light tensioning required.
Q. How much does a screen weigh, is it transportable?
A. Holo-Gauze is very lightweight and easily transportable. It can be folded into a small carton package.
Q. Is the screen durable, how long will it last?
A. The screens will last quite a few uses if looked after. tarnishing of the metallic screen will occur over time if left out in the air for long periods.

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