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56 Cm LED 3D HoloSPIN Fan with WIFI
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56 Cm LED 3D HoloSPIN Fan with WIFI

Our 3D HoloSPiN, is a high resolution 3D Hologram LED fan display, Creating the illusion of 3D holographic images, floating in the air. It uploads content by WIFI.
Price: $ 799
Discount Price: $ 699

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X6 Holospin LED Fan is a propeller-looking unit that uses a combination of chips, magnets and LEDS to display holographic images. Mount it to a wall, switch it on and 3D visuals appear to float in thin air – they’re not actually holograms, but enthrall just as effectively.

This holographic 3D display device lets you project images via WIFI.  It's basically plug and play and in no time you will be displaying images in 3D.  Use it in the store, for parties, in the gym, anywhere you want convey a image, product, promotion or creative in 3D.


Since the technology is LED-based, the "holograms" are able to be clearly seen at a distance, even under brightly-lit conditions. Wide viewing angle minimizes impact on the experience – everyone from all (front) sides and various heights can witness the 3D forms without too much of a skewed perspective.


1.  Plug it in and enjoy the holograms
2.  Play High resolution 3D visuals
3.  Floating in the air effect
4.  Easy to install
5.  Light-weight
6.  New Technology, LED-based Technology
7.  Cost-effectively



Product Item X6 Holospin
Material PC+ Aluminum
Color Black
Display Size 56x56 cm
Resolution 612x612
View Angle 176 degree
Voltage AC110-240V
Application Indoor
Installation Fixed
Video format MP4,AVI,RMVB,GIF
Working type Plug and Play
Weight   3kg

shipping of x6




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