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Curved Projection Screen

We make curved screens, screens for active and passive 3D simulator screens and simulation displays. Curved Projection Screen is a customized product that is made-to-order for each customer. For the curved screen, a unique material is applied to the frame that is specially manufactured to ensure that the screen has no creases and high smoothness. Any degree and shape of the screens are available for single or multi-projector displays. All curved screens are available in a design format, custom sizes, FOV, and Radii

Curved Front Projection
We create curved displays from rigid substrates or from flexible screen material stretched over specially designed frames. Projector mounts can be constructed around virtually any cockpit or cab and set up with projectors edge-blended to give a near perfect seamless display around a complete 180° field of view.
Segmented Front Projection
Using rigid or flexible screens we can create multiple channel systems to give the possibility of displays with up to 360° field of view. In these applications, the projectors use hard edge blending, but the images can be exactly positioned to leave only a hairline join.
» Gives a sense of immersion
» For Cinema
» For Visualization Applications
» For Multi-channel Simulation Displays
» Excellent for museum or exhibitions
» Excellent for training simulators : flight simulators, driving simulators, military simulators…
Benefits of Curved Screens
- A sense of presence in the displayed content is achieved
- An immersive, or wrap around visual experience occurs 
- Increased fields of view are achieved which increases peripheral vision
- Curved screen displays (cylindrical / spherical) 100-360 degree field of view
- Dome based displays. 
- Curved projection game screens.
- Flight simulator curved screens.
- Training Simulators (Flight Simulators, Driving Simulators, Military Simulators…)
- Museums, Theme Parks, Galleries
Screen Parameter
Description HD Flexible White HD Flexible Gray Flexible Perforated 3D Silver(Flexible) 3D Silver(Hard) Rear Gray(Flexible )
Brightness(Gain) 1.0 0.9 1.2 2.5-2.8 0.8-4.0 3.0
View Angle 160 165 160     120 70-110 120
Dimension Height Up to 4,500 mm Up to 3,200 mm Up to 2,000 mm Up to 3,600 mm Up to 3,000 mm Up to 4,800 mm
Width No Limit(Depending on # of projectors)
Material(Color) White Gray White/Silver Silver Silver Dark Gray
Seamless Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frame Width 8CM,10CM,15CM
3D Capability No No Silver with 3D Yes Yes No
Applications Cinema, Video Presentation Cinema Cinema, Acoustically Transparent Cinema, Simulation Cinema, Simulation Rear Projection
Remarks Floor Stand is optional
Size and specifications are subject to the actual product size, will be changed without notice





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