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In which areas is holographic projection technology mainly used?
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In which areas is holographic projection technology mainly used?

Views: 126     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-24      Origin: Site

Holographic projection technology can be traced back to the 1940s, also known as "virtual imaging", which uses interference and diffraction to record and reproduce the true three-dimensional image of the object, which is vivid and beautiful, and makes the visual effect more complete.

Nowadays, Holographic technology has penetrated into all fields of social life in recent years and has been widely used in modern scientific research and industry. In production, especially in modern testing, bioengineering, medicine, art, commerce, security and modern storage technology .The main reason is that it can fit various scenes well, make the display content more stereoscopic, and it can bring a powerful audio-visual shock experience without wearing equipment, so that everyone can get more. Good audio-visual enjoyment, so there are different exhibition halls in various banquet halls and hotel restaurants that use holographic projection technology to bring different sound and light image experience.



For example, in order to make the audio-visual effect of the banquet hall better, in addition to the application of very high-end multimedia technology, the holographic projection technology is fully applied, which not only can make the live experience of the banquet hall more stereo, but also show More powerful interactivity, the most important thing is to make all the audience on the scene feel the immersive participation, the high-end effect of the banquet hall. From the application of holographic projection technology in Disel Fashion T-Show, the beautiful holographic projection picture accompanied by the model's walking brings the audience to another world, as if enabling the audience to experience a dual world of virtual and real.

There are also a variety of different exhibition halls, as well as the city planning museum and various developers of building and real estate display will be applied to the holographic projection technology, because the holographic projection technology can make the original flat display content more stereo, and can rely on multimedia functions To explain, not only can reduce the cost of manual input, but also make the content of the introduction more comprehensive and more stereo, so that everyone is more willing to take the initiative to understand, which will promote the promotion and introduction.





Therefore, the application field of holographic projection technology is indeed very extensive, and it can guarantee to play a better use advantage. The most important thing is to meet the requirements of various environmental fields, and to design specifically.

Holographic is suitable for displaying objects with rich details or internal structure, such as famous watch, car, jewelry, industrial products, enterprise logo, can also express characters, cartoons, etc., do not need people to wear any polarizing glasses, can enjoy watching 3D phantom stereoscopic display special effects without restraint at all, giving people a strong visual impact, is a kind of high scientific and technological content, strong novelty. Multimedia items which are widely welcomed by large and medium-sized pavilions. It has a wide range of application prospects in exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums, archives, entertainment halls, exhibitions, fairs, libraries and other venues.





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