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What is projection mapping?
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What is projection mapping?

Views: 377     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-02-14      Origin: Site

What is projection mapping?


Projection Mapping uses everyday video projectors, but instead of projecting on a flat screen (e.g. to display a PowerPoint), light is mapped onto any surface, turning common objects of any 3D shape into interactive displays.
More formally, projection mapping is “the display of an image on an arbitrarily complex surface”.
As discussed in our Illustrated History of Projection Mapping, projection mapping has many alternate names including the original academic term “spatial augmented reality” and “video mapping.”
Projection mapping can be used for advertising, live concerts, theater, gaming, computing, decoration and anything else you can think of. Specialized software or just some elbow grease can be used to align the virtual content and the physical objects. 

Projection mapping can be used on buildings to advertise, entertain or inform.

Projection mapping can be used to create immersive experiences for theater, television or in the home.

Projection mapping can bring everyday objects to life (like shoes).


Or cars…


Projection mapping can be used on 2D objects like paintings.

Finally projection mapping can be used for games.




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